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Not Like I’m Counting or Anything

Besides blogging about how everyone should be saving for the future, I also enjoy some other hobbies. Such as a little old-fashioned, in-person bullying. Specifically, I have taken to prowling around my workplaces, sniffing out people who haven’t been managing their money well, and then I spring out and make them open a 401(k) and/or Roth IRA. Sometimes they are reluctant, sometimes they make excuses, but mostly I have found that people are grateful for someone to sit down with them, even for 15 minutes, and take them through the process of getting their accounts in order. And I don’t even steal all their lunch money.

Thus, I am happy to introduce… THE COUNT. The Count is here because I have no idea what this blog is truly doing, whether it’s useful or inspiring or at all effective for achieving the goal of getting more young people in the game of retirement savings. There’s no “I did it!” metric on WordPress (yet). Meanwhile, I can tell you exactly how many first-time retirement savers I have guided through that process in person. Those early stories are the reason I began this blog – with the goal of starting to scale up these efforts – and putting people’s stories front and center makes for a nice complement to the reams and reams of digital pages I am spewing forth elsewhere on the site.

So as of now, the Retirist has in-person set up retirement accounts for…



as of July 2016

Could be worse, right?

If you’re someone who wants help with your own money, or you have a friend (who has a friend) who needs some specific questions answered, leave a {message/comment} and I’m happy to help. Check the archives to for info on everything from Roth IRAs to attitude adjustments.

the count retirist

Props to the OG purple financial wizard right here, straight off of Sesame Street.

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