The Retirist

Learn the system. Build your wealth. Revel.

About the Retirist


Why am I writing this? What are you getting? What can you look forward to? What can you do to get more? 

The Retirist is a 20-something based in New York City who wants to help ordinary people get wise to how money works. The Retirist is tired of your excuses for not saving and empathetic to how hard it can seem to break into the modern financial system and invest. This blog aims to inform your first steps into financial security by helping you navigate basic questions about 401(k)s, IRAs, investment allocation, compound interest, and more. The experience of reading this stuff generally shouldn’t suck.

With any luck, the Retirist will equip the average young millennial with the knowledge to amass a nest egg given her/his/zer financial profile and goals. Though the Retirist is not a financial advisor, the Retirist seeks to inform (objectively) and prod (subjectively) based on the Retirist’s own particular approach to money and savings (passive investing, letting your money work for you, etc.). Expect some personality. Expect some charts. Expect some dog pictures, digressions, and expletives.

The thoughts on this site are based on U.S. retirement scenarios. Contact the Retirist at

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